Cats Only Veterinary Housecall Services:

Cats Only Veterinary Housecall Services understands the unique relationship between you and your cat.

A recent survey of over 1,000 cat owners showed that 58 percent of cats hate going to the vet. Many of these cat lovers decide not to make regular visits to their veterinarian for wellness exams and preventive care. The cats may suffer the consequences of not getting adequate health care and only see their vet when they have been sick.

Cats Only HouseCall Services brings compassionate veterinary care to your home to alleviate the stress of traveling for you and your cat.  In addition, there's no barking dogs, and there's no long wait in the lobby of an animal hospital.  Our veterinary team has years of experience working with cats, and when cats are in their home, they usually are much better patients without the stressful environmental stimulation.


Our services


Services that we provide include wellness exam, senior care, vaccination, laboratory testing, behavior consultation, hospice care, in-home euthanasia, and more.